Center for Professional and Institutional Development (CPID)

CPID was established after the merging of the formers Training and Capacity Building (TCB) Directorate, which served as IST center, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Center.

CPID is active in many of the college’s activity both at the academics and service areas. Among the services CPID provides are listed below

Training (face to face, online and blended)​​

The center provides different trainings both for the college’s community (clinical and administrative) and other professionals from different parts of the country (health center to tertiary hospital staff).

Document Preparation

The center develops different documents college usage and it’s also working on developing different in-service training manuals using our members of panels of experts. We also organize document development sessions in collaboration with the FMOH.


The center organizes different public health problem-solving workshops in collaboration with the FMOH and other stakeholders and partners. Currently, the center has developed a guideline to make workshops structured and credited with CPD CEUs. This helps to achieve the goal of any workshop.


The center has six programs under it:
Internal CPD program

It creates access of CPD to all the college staff. The program ensures that the staff has understood the concept and role of CPD in the improvement of healthcare service.

External CPD program

It creates access of CPD to all health professionals outside of SPHMMC using different modalities. It ensures the quality of CPD activities among its different partners.

Digital Learning Program:

It leads the digital learning solution of the college. It’s also responsible to digitization of CPD activities in collaboration with all programs and partners.

Our Partners