StayTeen: Helping Youths Prepare Informed Decisions About Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, is the no. 1 website women looking for men kids, encouraging these to delight in their childhood and then make life’s biggest alternatives, like when you should have sex, once they’re completely ready, sufficient reason for a revamped appearance, they are doing that a lot better than previously.

When kids desire someplace to visit discover more about gender, maternity, interactions and stuff like that, they don’t truly choose federal government web sites. They demand a spot of their own, that’s why was created.

Over the past nine decades, Stay Teen is the go-to source for teenagers, an unique just right the online world simply for all of them in which they could get details that relates to the difficulties they love one particular without causing them to feel embarrassed or embarrassed.

Today, keep Teen is actually debuting a brand new look and a few new features, with an important focus becoming quality content.

“we are actually excited about it because we have learned plenty with what our audience needs and wants, and now we’ve especially placed an emphasis on area,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, director of communications. “we realize young adults want to explore these things, in somewhere that’s safe and non-judgmental, so we made an actual work on focusing on allowing teens to touch upon generating a place in which they’re able to ask plenty of questions and find out responses.”

Remain Teen’s customers vary in years from 13 to 17, but the web site adapts the articles according to age amount and situation. Consistent with this theme, Stay teenage will provide more content material that’s written by kids, such as topics like preventing pregnancy and soon you’re prepared, creating healthy interactions, handling breakups and much more.

“all those issues that cope with intercourse, interactions, dating and something under that large umbrella is really that which we speak about, and we also attempt to pay attention to carrying it out in a fashion that is extremely teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to obtain more details with what the newest web site includes, plus the effective sources Stay Teen consistently offer.

Putting teens inside the motorist’s seat

While Stay teenage’s preferred post is actually “could i conceive If…?” the site will cover a straight greater array of subjects, such as the risks of unprotected sex, how to choose the best style of birth prevention obtainable and ways to go over those issues with your physician.

“That post has actually really found united states that our target is actually discovering intercourse and their sexuality, and they are not sure just what effects tend to be with this conduct,” Sheets Pika stated.

However all things are switching.

Remain teenage still has some great characteristics which have been very useful to its audience, including their Health Center Finder that will help teenagers locate doctors nearby while the way Explorer which allows kids to learn about different forms of birth control and what type my work good for all of them.

“We believe this is actually helpful to teens because a lot of the time, they don’t want their particular parents to learn they’re obtaining birth-control, so that they are attempting to ascertain a place they may be able go that is cheap, non-judgmental plus some destination they may be able go or bus to,” she stated. “the aim will be place teens inside the driver’s chair with educating themselves on distinct methods. All of our message is actually we want one to take pleasure in your child years and delay sex until such time you’re actually prepared, which might indicate when you’re more mature.”

Bridging the gap between kids and parents

From useful services to fun video games to collaborative activities, like the 14th Annual nationwide Day avoiding Teen Pregnancy that encourages folks to think about just how an unexpected pregnancy would alter their lives, teenagers and moms and dads as well tend to be supplied with many good information through remain Teen.

“adolescents are studying points that they failed to or else read about, and more importantly, they’ve been discussing your website due to their pals, and their boyfriends and, truth be told, due to their moms and dads,” Sheets Pika said. “All of our objective is always to do have more available and sincere conversations among teenagers and parents.”

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