Internal CPD program

It creates access of CPD to all the college staff. The program ensures that the staff has understood the concept and role of CPD in the improvement of healthcare service.

External CPD program

It creates access of CPD to all health professionals outside of SPHMMC using different modalities. It ensures the quality of CPD activities among its different partners.

Digital Learning Program

It leads the digital learning solution of the college. It’s also responsible to digitization of CPD activities in collaboration with all programs and partners.

Networking and Partnership

It is responsible to all benchmarking activities of the college. It also identifies potential partners, approaches, connects, and maintain partners from different sectors of health.

Project and Business Development Program

Its mandate is to plan, implement, evaluate, and cascade various healthcare professional and institutional development projects. It is also responsible to develop different business.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Planning (MELP)

It’s responsible to prepare the center’s annual and other plans. It also monitor and evaluate the progress of the center as per its plan, identify lesson learned from different projects and activities.

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