CPID is active in many of the college’s activity both at the academics and service areas. Among the services CPID provides are listed below:
Training (face to face, online and blended)

The center provides different trainings both for the college’s community (clinical and administrative) and other professionals from different parts of the country (health center to tertiary hospital staff).

Document Preparation

The center develops different documents college usage and it’s also working on developing different in-service training manuals using our members of panels of experts. We also organize document development sessions in collaboration with the FMOH.


The center organizes different public health problem-solving workshops in collaboration with the FMOH and other stakeholders and partners. Currently, the center has developed a guideline to make workshops structured and credited with CPD CEUs. This helps to achieve the goal of any workshop.

Seminars/ webinars

The center prepares and organizes different seminars for both consultative and academic purposes. Currently, the center has developed a guideline to make seminars structured and credited with CPD CEUs.


The center organizes CMEs in collaboration with professional associations and societies. Ethiopia Medical Association is a good example of professional associations that works with on CMEs.

Digitization of CPD Activities

CPID in collaboration with the college’s ICT directorate, Health Science Education Development Center (HSEDC), and members of POE is working on digitization of CPD activities such as trainings, pre and posttest of trainings.

Project Management

The center writes project proposals and implements them. We also implement different projects for the FMOH. E.g., Leading the Surgical backlog clearance system establishment project on 06 of the biggest hospitals in the country and running the national ICU mentorship and coaching program in collaboration with the HSQD and EICC directorates of the FMOH respectively.

Mentorship & Coaching

The center provides numerous healthcare mentorship activities. These include on-job mentorship, clinical mentorships, Graduating Students mentorships and many more that enhance the capacity of professionals and institutions.

Soft skill development

The center also equips healthcare professionals and students with various attributes of soft skills in addition to the technical skills we provide through our CPD activities.

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